Author: WhiteWitch
I'm working on being focused on the spiritual this Christmas.

I miss home. I miss Norway. Most of all I miss my mom, dad and sister, who all passed away. I miss the beautiful home I grew up in and celebrating Christmas with the family I loved.

Christmas was my favorite day in the whole year. I even cried when it was over!

Now most of my family is gone and my childhood home looks pretty wrecked because it has not been taken properly care of for many years. Luckily my oldest brother bought it and is slowly restoring it.

My two brothers are the only two left of my close family. But they are much older than I am. I love them. But they were not there most of the time when I grew up. They had already moved out. I miss my mom, dad and sister that was always there.

They passed away. I wonder where they are now.

Anyway. I spent Christmas in Norway last year, and it just wasn't the same.

I realize that I need to feel Christmas in my heart most of all. So I spend a lot of time connecting with the divine. I pray and ask for help.

There is something special about these days of December. There is something gentle and beautiful in the air. I want to tap into that. I would like to have mystical experiences.

I know that when I can be with the divine I can feel happy for no reason at all. Even when things are hard I can feel comforted.

It feels good to write. I've been such a mess inside lately. Writing puts and order of sorts to my feelings.

Today I will make my first attempt on making beeswax candles. Beeswax smells divine!

I will also hang up some new pictures to inspire me.