Author: WhiteWitch
Sometimes I go for walks and I look at things without really sensing much. I am trapped in my thoughts and feelings.

And then there are times like today when I walk and keep on walking because it is just so beautiful. The trees, the wind, the grass, the sun and clouds. The air is fresh and cold and I feel moved to the point of crying.

I wish the neighborhood I'm walking in would turn into a forest. A deep gorgeous forest full of trees that I could talk to. I would walk barefoot if it wasn't too cold, and I would dance and feel things in my heart that my mind just don't understand. I would communicated with the sky and the wind and the birds.

Today I looked at the flowers in people's gardens and drank in their beauty. I think beauty and magic is food for my essence.
Author: WhiteWitch
I wanted to start writing again to get my feelings out on paper so to speak. I have a lot to do tosome day, so I'll keep it short.

I've had a few very painful and difficult days. I'm learning a lot about myself. It feels like as I'm going through these things I go deeper into myself to see what is really going on within me. I've been observing my emotions, and how I feel left out and angry. I feel so tiny and useless and just upset with myself and life.

If only I could be free of my fear and guilt I could do so many things that I'm just too terrified to get into right now.

I just feel very tired right now. And yet I feel in touch with myself.