Author: WhiteWitch
Author: WhiteWitch
Yesterday was a somewhat hard day for me but also good because I learned a lot. I went to the gym and I loved it, even though I couldn't keep up with all the steps.

I think I got a little reward last night because I had an astral projection. I was back in Norway, in the tiny town I grew up in. I was flying above a lawn in front of my childhood home. Everything was so beautiful! I looked down and I could clearly see that the grass was wet. It was a short experience. I quickly returned to my body.

In the morning though, out of curiosity I decided to check what the weather was like in that same town. And
I got a little excited when the weather forecast showed rain. Of course it often rains in Norway, even in summer, and so it doesn't really prove that I was actually there in the astral.

I know my astral experiences are real, but it would be fun to actually prove it by knowing something I couldn't have possible known. I have heard lot of people share experiences like that.

My husband is one of them. He saw a very old toy in the garden where he lived. He thought he had lost that toy ages ago and thought it was strange that it was there. When he woke up he found the toy in the exact spot he had seen it in the astral.

I hope to have more out of body experiences tonight. They might me feel so magical.
Author: WhiteWitch
I wanted to start writing again. Maybe it will help me work through some of the feelings I'm dealing with.

A lot of things have changed since last I wrote anything in this blog. I have moved from The Bay Area to Los Angeles. It was a strange thing because I felt inside me that it was time to leave even before I knew we had the option of moving. It seems life is taking me where I can learn the most.

Here in L.A. I sense that I need to start living again. By that I mean I need to overcome many of the fears I have, and find my own voice. Find my own place in life. I have no friends my own age here. And I often feel very tiny and weak around my friends who are very strong, and active women.

I basically feel lame and ashamed of myself. In the beginning it made me angry, but I think this might exactly be what I need. I have to look at that feeling of hurt beneath it all. I want to understand it and be free of it. I want to live without all this guilt and fear trapping me.

Today I'm going to the gym with a friend. I haven't been to the gym since I lived in Norway. I feel nervous about going tonight. I always fear the unknown. And in truth I find Los Angeles to be very big and rushed. Sometimes I feel very upset about how things are here. Sometimes I really enjoy living here...

Sometimes I miss Norway. But something inside me knows it's not time for me to go back yet. It's not right. It's not where I need to be to learn about myself. My life has taken up a different meaning since I started learning about gnosis, since I started observing what is actually happening inside of me.

Life is about learning about myself and to how to live life wisely.