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I took my christmas tree out of the closet this evening and brought it to the center. A good friend and I decorated it beautifully. It felt like the tree shone and brightened up the whole place. It's a bit early I suppose for Christmas decorations, but it felt nice to decorate the tree. The tree is my favorite part of christmas. And decorating brought this niceness to life. I can't fully describe it. It's this cozy comforting thing that I love to be in. Christmas is the time to nurture that sanctuary within me. Sanctuary of the heart, when I feed myself with lovely, beautiful things. I really feel I need a lot of that. It's as though my heart is hungry for love and comfort.

I'm going away this Christmas. Going to New Jersey and then to Norway. I'm starting to look forward to it. It will be an adventure. I hope I will feel that way when I'm actually there. Being away from home for that long tends to stress me out. I don't feel fully at rest in someone elses house.
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Tonight we talked about how to better deal with mistakes. This really struck a cord with me. I'm terrified of making mistakes because I know I'll feel guilty and beat myself up for doing it. I'm going to look into how I react to making mistakes, and see if I can turn it around. I would love to be able to fully and deeply understand that making mistakes is part of life, part of being human and that it is needed for learning. It was said that a wealth of information can be found within a mistake if only we look for it.

We also talked about compassion and putting ourselves in another persons place. I notice I can do that intuitively if only I remember it. Most of the time I'm more in a defensive and judging mode when around people.

I hope I can find some peace from my anxiety. Sometimes, especially mornings it can be very bad. I hope I can manage to tackle the root of it. I think it must be something from the heavy depression I suffered a few years ago. It's a feeling of not being safe, of things not being ok and never will.
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I don't know who I am. I feel tired and empty. I don't want to feel this way because I keep thinking I should be over everything that has happened, that I should be fine and that I shouldn't complain. I know I have everything. I don't want to bother people with how I feel. Most of the time I don't even know how I feel. I just know there's a deep emptieness that I don't know how to talk about. My friends talk to me about what is going on with them, and I'm so grateful for that, I'm so grateful that I'm able to listen and help because it help me so much in return. It makes me feel like I matter again. But I'm not able to talk about what's going on deep inside me. It feels too bad. Perhaps I'm too proud. Too afraid.

I just don't know who I am. Where I stand. I lost my family, my identity with them. I lost the home where I grew up, though I keep finding myself back there in my dreams. I moved from the country I grew up in to start a new life in the US. It's wonderful here. I have my best friend as my husband, and so many amazing people and teachers around me. It's just that I don't feel like I'm resting. I always feel uptight, nervous and stressed. I don't know where to go to rest. I watch silly movies and series on youtube to zone out or something, but it doesn't help and I'm not really interested in it.

I don't know what I want. I feel so naked and bare. I just go through my day doing things, doing my tasks, trying to be in the moment and so on. And yet I feel like a zombie. I'm just doing things without any passion behind it. I wish I knew how to rest.

I think I am angry. At some level I'm very angry. I think it's because I feel there's something wrong with me. I think I've been feeling that for a long long time. I feel like a bad person and that I'm always failing.

I just feel tired. So tired somehow. It's like I have no real interesting in things. All I want is to find some way to rest and find comfort and understanding. That's what I need I think. It's just so hard to allow myself to seek that. I keep feeling I need to be strong and fight. Fighting does no good sometimes. I think I need to heal, though it's taking forever. I suppose I've never really allowed the process to take place. Guilt is always in the way. I feel guilty for looking within to see what I need.

So what do I need?

Time? I feel I need time to recover, time to find back to myself and joy of life. Right now I'm feeling very negative towards the world and the divine. I don't want that. I often feel that I'm being pushed to do things I don't want to do. I'm always fighting it. But maybe I'm the one doing the pushing. I remember now, different feelings that come up that push me to do things I don't really want, and dreams, symbols that are telling me beautiful things. Beautiful in the sense that it touches the core of me. My heart. I just haven't been listening. I've been feeling that I am evil and that whoever is giving me these teachings don't really care about me, and that they want something of me. I don't want anyone to want anything of me. I don't want to have to perform and do well and be a good girl when I don't really want to, and I don't really think I can do it anyway.

Long post, but it helped me a lot. How do I make an entry private?
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I just went for a walk even though I didn't have the time to do so. I made time. I needed to go out in nature, in the sun and be among trees and flowers. It's as though my soul feels weary from all the noise of the city, and all the mechanical sounds and items that make up our lives. Even as I was walking I could hear cars and noise. When I finally got to a particularly quiet street it was as though my entire being sighed with relief. I looked around me and took in all the beauty of fall.

I picked some dandelion leaves that I will chop up and strew onto the soup I will have today. I wonder how that will work. When I got home I made myself some mugwort tea that I'm drinking now. I love mugwort. It feels like such a magical and wise herb, full of silver dreams.

I've been thinking about what kind of person I'd like to be. If I know who I want to be then I can remember that and work towards it with the practices I've learned through gnosis..

I'd like to be at peace, without all the worries about the future that is constantly bothering me. I'd like to be free, and gentle and good, and not worry about what people think of me. I'd like to feel beauty and magical all around me, and take time to nurture these things and myself.

I'll start with that. Today I want to rid myself of the worries that plague me and find some peace.
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I feel you. Closer. Cool. Glittering. Like a beautiful winter's night, with a velvet sky and pristine white snow. An angel. Holding me. Comforting me. Giving me strength and courage to face the world. Beautiful and magical. Loving. I'd be nothing without you. Your mercy makes me want to do good.

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I want everything I do, every movement and deed to be a prayer, a way to be with the divine.
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I've been wanting to write more, about me, about what I'm going through. Somehow it's very hard to actually put things into words. I think I still feel very confused. There's just so much going on inside me, and at the same time I feel empty. Several times I've been wanting to open up to people, to friends that share things with me. But I'm never able to go all the way. There are some things that are so painful for me. Things from the past, as well yearnings and fears of the present.

I want to express myself. I wish I was able to be me with all my heart. In social situations I usually feel faint, timid and blank with no knowledge of who I am. I want to get to know me. I want to find my identity. I want to follow my heart. I suppose losing my family has made me feel lost. Stranded.

I want to feel safe to follow my heart. I want to wear flowing skirts and create magic all around me.
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It feels like autumn finally has come. This is my favorite season. I love the crisp cool mornings and the golden sunlight. I'm making some herbal chai right now to warm myself up.
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A cry out to the divine mother. Some music hit me on a much deeper level than my mind can comprehend. I close my eyes and listen, and I'm filled with that yearning to be close to her. Perhaps it's time for me to return to bed and explore the magical realm of dreams. It is 5:44 AM...
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I stayed home tonight. My husband went out, but I was feeling tired and secretly longed to just rest and reflect. I wish I could do what I deeply feel I need without guilt coming up.

I lied on the bed and read some of Anne of Green Gables. I know it's a classic, and a children book, but I've never read it before and it gives me much joy now. I just feel so tired somehow, and slightly sick. I think I'm tired of worrying about everything. At least, when I'm alone in the evenings I feel her presence and guidance with a lot more strength. I can feel her in my heart. It's the only place I want to be. I just want to stay with her and cry.

I want my life back. I don't want to be controlled by my fears anymore. I'm fighting to be free. Last night I told myself I would remember my dreams, and I did, at least most of them. I had a nightmare of sorts, I think the same kind that I used to have as a small girl, but this time I fought it, whatever it was that was attacking me. And I also had a very symbolic dream, but I only remember parts of it.

This afternoon I astral projected while I took a nap. It's been so long since I've had an astal experience. I feel sometimes that I've given up on them., though I'm not sure why. Perhaps I feel nothing will come out of them, or perhaps I'm subconsciously afraid of the same thing that comes in my nightmares might appear there. I think I often shoot myself in the foot. I feel I have failed even before I have properly tried something. Anyway, I projected, flew around in the apartment and woke back up. It wasn't a very good projection, but at least I got out. I always feel more magical after that :)
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I haven't managed to update my blog as frequent as I wanted to. I'm not exactly sure why I find it so hard to express myself. Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. I've been feeling like that for a week now. Well, it actually started several years ago when I realized I had a huge knot in my stomach and that my chest felt very tight. It was all pent up emotions. I've been digging into them ever since I started on the quest of self knowledge, but it can be very painful.

I've been wanting to bring more magic into my life. I hope I can get up early to enjoy the mystical feel of the morning, but lately I've just been wanting to stay in bed.

In truth I feel terribly alone. I'm having such trouble expressing myself and talking to people. I sometimes feel like a ghost. I worry. I worry that I'll be rejected, and so I get afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Going to bed soon. Getting tired. I hope I can see whats at the core of my anxiety.
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I woke up this morning with an internal lightness that surprised me. It made me feel so happy. It was as though a burden had been lifted from me and I didn't notice until that moment in the early morning, around 5am. I said good bye to my husband who was going to work. I felt calm, nice, serene instead of anxious and grumpy.

Right now I feel tired, and slightly jittery from an over consumption of brownies. I got my period this morning. I actually look forward to my period, especially the two first day when I feel particularly magical. I didn't go to the gnostic center I usually attend on Tuesday evening because I felt I needed to stay inside and nurture myself. I'm so lucky to be able to take it easy when I need to. I'm starting to allow myself to do it more as well. Though I still carry a feeling of always needing to be a good girl and do things. It's hard to lie down and do nothing.

I hope I can stop eating so much processed sugar. My head hurts. Instead I want to eat rose honey. Lots and lots of rose honey to open my heart to sweet pink love.

I've been working with both wild rose and mugwort. They are my closest plant allies right now. It feels like rose teaches me about self love and open volnurability. While mugwort teaches me about sensing, being intuitive and tapping into the magic that is already part of me. It's a silver, glittery, magical moon-herb.
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I'm working on listening, on fine tuning my senses. Today I got up early to do various little tasks. I love being up early because everything feels so much more silent, and poetic. It also feels like I have a lot more time in a day when I start it early. Most of the time though I'm unable to leave the comfort of my bed before 9 or 10 am.

I've made yogurt and bread. It feels very nurishing and comforting to make my own food. I'm also hoping to spend some time with wild rose tomorrow. I visited her last Wednesday. I found her growing closish to a friends house, and close to the train station. I made rose petal honey, and I spent time listening to her. It feels that if I'm able to leave the chaos of my mind and emotions and listen on a much deeper lever, with my heart, then I can hear her speak to me. I can't even put into words what she said, but it was very profound to me. The heart knows and understand things that is far beyond the mind and words.

I want to update this blog more often, but I find it difficult to sit down and write something without feeling disappointed in what I'm writing. I suppose I want it to sounds better than it does, or I feel something deeply but when I put it into words it loses some of its beauty and value.

Oh well. Perhaps I'm just still sleepy. I think I might take a nap..
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I went for a long walk today to pick California Poppy. It's a really beautiful plant. It's growing all over, and I'm wondering if it's trying to tell me something. It looks like fire to me. Maybe I need some fire in my life. I think I need fire in my heart. I feel cold inside. I've dried some California Poppy to try as tea, and I've read how bad it tastes but the tea I made was a little weak and I ended up not minding the taste at all.

Yesterday I drank my first cup of California Poppy tea, and I'm drinking my second cup right now. It feels like it opens up my heart a little. I don't know. I need to spend more time with it before I know for sure how it effects me. It also seems to ease my anxiety. I've been feeling terrible anxious lately. Yesterday and today has been very trying for me. I notice more and more how alone and unsafe I feel, and how angry I feel at life. The anger surprised me. I think I've been bottling it up deep inside me, and I've closed myself to life and the hurts it brings. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere right now. I need to change my attitude of life being out to get me. I think I don't trust it at all, perhaps because of what I went through when my parents and sister died.

Anyway, I sense that California Poppy can help me. I think it can help me open up and allow myself to feel things again.
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I just took the longest, most lovely bath I've had in ages. I've been sick with the flu for a few days, but this evening I was feeling much better and decided to celebrate with a bath. I put some oats and rose petals in a cheesecloth and rubbed myself all over until I felt beautifully slimy. My skin is so soft right now.

I came out of that bath a different person. Lying in the tub I had quite a few realizations as water worked its healing effect on me and helped me relax and sink deeper into myself. I saw myself as a young child, and I remember how scared I was of being left alone, and of my parents abandoning me. I think that at some level I knew I would lose them, or at least, I knew that something horrible was going to happen. But I recognize the same fear in me still. I'm still afraid of being alone, of there being no one there that will make everything Ok. I'm so afraid that everything won't be Ok...

I'm once more reminded that I have to take care of myself and heal myself . It's not such a bad thing to be good to myself. I don't have to be strong. I don't have to be tough.
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I think I have to accept that I feel depressed. It's not an overpowering depression that I felt some time after my dad passed away; it's more of a dark feeling that sits in my stomach throughout the day. I'm not sure why it's there, or where it came from. I'm trying to see it for what it is, to see what I'm afraid of, and what worries feed that fear. I'm afraid of so many things. I'm especially afraid of the unknown, and I fear I won't be able to do things. I've decided to finally try to learn to drive, which terrifies me. But if I could drive, I'd be so much freer. It's just that I feel sick thinking about doing it, and especially getting on the freeway, which is an unusual and scary thing for me coming from Norway, where we don't have many of those.

Anyway, I think my depression has a lot to do with my worries and fears.

The knot in my stomach used to be a lot bigger though. I started noticing it back in highschool. I remember my chest feeling very heavy, as though I couldn't breathe properly, even though I could breathe just fine. As I became more interested in spirituality, and also tuned more into my body, I could see this heavyness clearer, and how big it was. It was a huge knot of something bad, some deep negative emotions covering my solar plexus and heart area. I've been working on these emotions for a few years, and they're slowly clearing as I dig deeper. It's like I'm digging my way back into my body. It's like I left it for a while. Does that make sense? I think losing my family was such a shock that I just left my body. Hmm. When I decided to return I found all this unresolved anger, sorrow etc, all bottled up inside me.

I hope to keep writing here to get some order and better understanding of my thoughts and feelings.
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I have paint in my hair...

I gathered up the courage today to go to the centre to help paint the outside wall. I was feeling a little anxious because I knew it would be just be me and "the boys" there for several hours. I honestly don't know how to relax and be myself unless I'm with people I know I can share deep meaningful conversations with. Isn't that weird? I'm so bad at smalltalks, but I love talking about the deep cries out of the soul...
So of course, I felt shy today and didn't talk much, and I tried to not let it bother me. I've been wanting to see what hurts inside me when I feel left out somehow. I want to find peace wherever I am, and not worry about what other people thinks. Besides, I enjoy being at the centre, the energy there is lovely, and painting the wall was a very quiet and relaxed task. I liked it because it's so simple. I don't like tasks that I don't know how to do. That's right, I rarely like a challange, especially when there's other people there to watch me trying to figure it out.

Anyway, I got my period this morning. I think this made me feel more grumpy than normal. I felt cold, and heavy while painting, and then the horrible, horrible cramps came! I ignored them for a while, until they became unbearable and I had to call my husband to come pick me up. I felt disappointed. I had wanted to stay and help out more. I wanted to investigate my pride while I was stuck with all those boys, and I wanted to continue my painting because it's nice and I know how to do it. Maybe tomorrow there will be no painting left? But I'll go tomorrow as well. Go me! I'm so coragous!

The cramps are gone now. I stayed in bed and moaned my misery for a few hours. And I feel so light! It's such a relief not to be in pain. I notice that I feel a little bad for not being there to help out, again. It's my famous guilt coming up again. I really want to understand it and be free of it.

Now I'll enjoy some sweet, sweet strawberries.
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I've been feeling very anxious lately, more so than normal. I think it started when I returned from Greece, when everything calmed down and I have time to think, to worry. I've been trying to understand why I feel so unsafe. I think I feel that I don't own my life. I feel that something bad is going to happen, and I have to try my best to be a good girl so it doesn't happen. I don't trust that everything will be ok, even though, deep down I feel looked after in everything.

I actually had a lovely time on Sunday. I went to the gnostic centre that I attend regularely, and it was nice talking with everyone again. In the beginning I felt very down. I wanted to run into the bathroom and cry. It has been long since I've felt that, and it puzzled me. This time I actually reached out to someone, and shared how I felt. That spark of courage helped me a lot. The rest of the day I spent painting a wall at the centre, and also eating out with friends. I worked on feeling the moment, to be in my body, forget about myself and just be. Someone once told me that all we have is this moment. That's true. There's nothing bad in this moment, right here, right now. The moment is wonderfully liberating. All my problem are in the past or in the future. Right now everything just is. If I can stay in the moment I can experience life.
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My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Greece. It was a good trip, though it was also very challenging for me. We we're going on a retreat for a few days, and I again found it hard to fit in among people. I freeze up and don't know what to say. I'm terrible at smalltalk. I felt very insecure and alone for a lot of the time, even though people were very kind, very friendly.

The most interesting and challenging part of the retreat was an 8 hour walk on Mount Olympus. I actually really enjoyed the trip. I felt I had a lot of strength inside me that I wanted to express by climbing up and down the mountain. I got very tired but I kept going. I went deep inside of myself and found a strength that never went away, no matter how exhausted I felt. When I focused on this strength I could keep on walking. I also worked on being in the moment. It was an amazing place to just be. It was so beautiful! I could feel the power of the snow covered mountains vibrating in the air around me. The view was spectacular. I also enjoyed touching many of the trees we walked by, and feel their strength against the palm of my hand. Can anyone else sense this? Sense the essence of the tree when you touch them? I'm not sure if it makes sense. But it sometimes feels as though they're silently speaking to me..

I felt like a warrior climbing up that mountain. I felt strong! I realized how sad it made me that I usually feel weak in every day life. Full of insecurity and guilt.

On our way home, I was surprised to see that I wasn't looking forward to returning to California. I mean, I don't think California itself was the problem, it's a beautiful place to live. -I just felt depressed. I realised that I feel confused about who I am, and that I no longer truly feel home anywhere. I've lost my roots. In a way it felt good to find that within myself. Now maybe I can understand it and let it go.
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I went to the farmer's market today. I had decided beforehand not to buy flowers this time, because my husband and I are leaving for Greece on Tuesday. However, I couldn't resist buying a bouquet of lilacs. I think lilacs must be one of my favorite flowers. I absolutely adore the scent. Standing in the farmer's market, I breathed in their scent for the first time in two years, and I was instantly carried back to warm summer days back at my childhood home. We had a small lilac bush there, and I remember I loved it even as a child. I feel very connected to lilacs. They remind me of home, and I think also of my mom....though I'm not sure why that is.

I also listened to the Belzebuub talk today. He spoke about being in the moment. He said it was beautiful to be there, and that we are outside time when we're in the moment. In the moment is when we are alive.

I feel that is true. When I manage to be aware and in the moment, it's like something stirs inside of me, something ancient, a distant memory of something else, something very important. I like to listen to beautiful music. Music that touches my soul. I'm listening to Allegri Miserere right now, and it's as though the song reminds my soul of some distant place it longs to return to. I feel like crying sometimes, but it's a different kind of crying, because it comes from a yearning for something so strange and beautiful that I don't even understand it. I don't even trust that it truly exists.

I remember standing in the middle of the living room floor when I was little. I remember feeling confused. It just felt so strange to be there. I wondered how I had ended up on earth, in this life, and where I had been before I started living. It felt like I should be able to remember, but I just couldn't.
Author: WhiteWitch
Sometimes I feel so sad, and I don't even know why. I've been having dreams, the same kind again and again. And in that dream I feel so alone, and so left out. I don't belong, but I'm unsure if I should stay or not. Last night I also started flying in my dream. It's the most wonderful feeling to be able to fly! Everything is much more beautiful in the astral (dreamworld). The beauty hits me and moves me deeply.
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I don't know what to do. I planned to rest this weekend, well, at least rest on Saturday, but again someone is asking for help with something. I feel I should help out, but at the same time I feel I need to stay home, take it easy and catch up on my life before I go crazy. Yesterday I felt so exhausted I just wanted to cry. I think exhaustion happens when I start to worry, and I feel overwhelmed, and guilty, and there seem to be no way out, and not enough time to do everything and please everyone....

I just don't understand what the right thing to do is. I find it so hard to take time for myself, and feel that that is ok, because no one is supporting me in doing it. And even if they were, I'm not sure I'd feel that it was the right thing to do. I'm asking for a deeper understanding...
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I'm trying to relax and just be, and warm myself with some tea. There's been so much going on lately that I feel rather overwhelmed. 8 hours of sleep isn't enough right now, I always want to stay in bed and just watch myself fall deeper into sleep, feel my body recharging. But there is no time for that. Today at least I managed not to rush around and scare the cat. She's lying in her chair right now, looking peaceful. She is a very sensitive cat. If I'm grumpy she tends get more jumpy. Poor kitty. I think she's like me. She needs her space, but also hugs and a warm safe environment.
Author: WhiteWitch
I feel I have a lot of hidden beliefs. I feel I have to do the right thing, and push myself to "be a good girl" no matter what, or else somehow I will be punished. This belief makes it very hard for me to relax. Even when I'm at home I can't fully relax. I feel like I have to do so many things, and I don't know where to start, and I feel very tired.

I can't remember when I first started carrying the world upon my shoulders. Was it after my mom, sister and dad got sick and died? I kind of feel it was before that, and the pressure has slowly been building. I think I'm proud. I feel I have to be proud and strong and manage everything. And I'm so afraid of making mistakes.

I feel there is a terrible pain burried deep inside me. An angry, bitter, even hateful pain. A pain of feeling stepped on for so long, of not being useful, and of being alone. A pain that doesn't know how to let go, to relax and feel safe.
Author: WhiteWitch
I did the unthinkable today. I stayed home from school because of PMS. I feel really guilty now, and I guess I'll look into why I feel so bad and fearful about it. Right now I just want to take care of myself. I'm feeling grumpy and overwhelmed.
Author: WhiteWitch
I'm feeling very tired, and in need of warm comfort. I just used the last of my lavender to make my "hug in a cup" tea. That helped. My period is due tomorrow. I wonder if that is effecting how I feel now. I notice that during my period I feel more sensitive, more in touch with the energies of the world around me. It's beautiful, and it feels like a very magical time. During that time I also want to spend more time nurturing myself, and being kind and loving towards myself. However, I find it very difficult to do that. There's always things that are being asked of me, and things that I just feel I should do, even if no one directly asks it of me. Right now I feel exhausted thinking about the days ahead. I wish I could follow my heart without doubt and guilt.
Author: WhiteWitch
I want to be more simple. I want to be simple in the way I act, and in the way I feel. I want to let go of all my thoughts and worries, and put it to my divine mother, and my father in heaven. I want to feel beauty deeply.

I've been bringing The Flight of The Feathered Serpent with me to read on the bus and train on my way to school. It gives me a lot of strength. It's truly an amazing book. I don't understand half of what the author is talking about, but my heart drinks it all in. As I'm reading I get a feeling of remembering something eternal, something that my soul remembers but not my mind, because it's not from this lifetime. I want to cry deep inside myself. It's beautiful. I wish I could remember that something, that I understand in my heart, but that I can't put into thoughts or words...
Author: WhiteWitch
I've been wanting to get up early, like just before sunrise, when everything feels quiet and magical, but instead I sleep until 9:30. It's not like I need that much sleep. I wake up much earlier than that, but I always decide to stay in bed. Maybe tomorrow will be different..

My cat jumped into bed with me in the early morning, she does that a lot, but normally she doesn't stay. This time however she lied down and purred happily, until my husband rolled around and nearly crushed her! Poor thing. She ran away after that.

I feel I need to find someone to talk to. I feel I'm bottling up too many thoughts and emotions, and it's very draining. It even makes me tremble sometimes when I'm around people. I want to talk about how I feel, but it never feels appropriate to do so, and I also don't know anyone I'd feel totally safe telling everything to. I should find someone professional I think, someone holistic. But who?
Author: WhiteWitch
Feeling tired, upset in a way. I think I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes I feel so exhausted that I can hardly write anything.

I feel attracted to lavender. It's strange, I used to really not like the smell of lavender, and now I love it. I love the color, the smell, and gentle, soothing taste of lavender. I've been drinking lavender tea with wild-rose honey at least twice a day, and it comforts me. I'm not sure why I need to be comforted. I feel confused, and alone. I want to be someplace beautiful, with flowers and beautiful scents, with tea and song, someplace I feel completely at home. And there will be someone else there, a friend, or a mother, someone that loves me and that can help me understand.