Author: WhiteWitch
Tonight we talked about how to better deal with mistakes. This really struck a cord with me. I'm terrified of making mistakes because I know I'll feel guilty and beat myself up for doing it. I'm going to look into how I react to making mistakes, and see if I can turn it around. I would love to be able to fully and deeply understand that making mistakes is part of life, part of being human and that it is needed for learning. It was said that a wealth of information can be found within a mistake if only we look for it.

We also talked about compassion and putting ourselves in another persons place. I notice I can do that intuitively if only I remember it. Most of the time I'm more in a defensive and judging mode when around people.

I hope I can find some peace from my anxiety. Sometimes, especially mornings it can be very bad. I hope I can manage to tackle the root of it. I think it must be something from the heavy depression I suffered a few years ago. It's a feeling of not being safe, of things not being ok and never will.
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