Author: WhiteWitch
I took my christmas tree out of the closet this evening and brought it to the center. A good friend and I decorated it beautifully. It felt like the tree shone and brightened up the whole place. It's a bit early I suppose for Christmas decorations, but it felt nice to decorate the tree. The tree is my favorite part of christmas. And decorating brought this niceness to life. I can't fully describe it. It's this cozy comforting thing that I love to be in. Christmas is the time to nurture that sanctuary within me. Sanctuary of the heart, when I feed myself with lovely, beautiful things. I really feel I need a lot of that. It's as though my heart is hungry for love and comfort.

I'm going away this Christmas. Going to New Jersey and then to Norway. I'm starting to look forward to it. It will be an adventure. I hope I will feel that way when I'm actually there. Being away from home for that long tends to stress me out. I don't feel fully at rest in someone elses house.
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