Author: WhiteWitch
I just went for a walk even though I didn't have the time to do so. I made time. I needed to go out in nature, in the sun and be among trees and flowers. It's as though my soul feels weary from all the noise of the city, and all the mechanical sounds and items that make up our lives. Even as I was walking I could hear cars and noise. When I finally got to a particularly quiet street it was as though my entire being sighed with relief. I looked around me and took in all the beauty of fall.

I picked some dandelion leaves that I will chop up and strew onto the soup I will have today. I wonder how that will work. When I got home I made myself some mugwort tea that I'm drinking now. I love mugwort. It feels like such a magical and wise herb, full of silver dreams.

I've been thinking about what kind of person I'd like to be. If I know who I want to be then I can remember that and work towards it with the practices I've learned through gnosis..

I'd like to be at peace, without all the worries about the future that is constantly bothering me. I'd like to be free, and gentle and good, and not worry about what people think of me. I'd like to feel beauty and magical all around me, and take time to nurture these things and myself.

I'll start with that. Today I want to rid myself of the worries that plague me and find some peace.
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