Author: WhiteWitch
I've been wanting to write more, about me, about what I'm going through. Somehow it's very hard to actually put things into words. I think I still feel very confused. There's just so much going on inside me, and at the same time I feel empty. Several times I've been wanting to open up to people, to friends that share things with me. But I'm never able to go all the way. There are some things that are so painful for me. Things from the past, as well yearnings and fears of the present.

I want to express myself. I wish I was able to be me with all my heart. In social situations I usually feel faint, timid and blank with no knowledge of who I am. I want to get to know me. I want to find my identity. I want to follow my heart. I suppose losing my family has made me feel lost. Stranded.

I want to feel safe to follow my heart. I want to wear flowing skirts and create magic all around me.
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