Author: WhiteWitch
I'm working on listening, on fine tuning my senses. Today I got up early to do various little tasks. I love being up early because everything feels so much more silent, and poetic. It also feels like I have a lot more time in a day when I start it early. Most of the time though I'm unable to leave the comfort of my bed before 9 or 10 am.

I've made yogurt and bread. It feels very nurishing and comforting to make my own food. I'm also hoping to spend some time with wild rose tomorrow. I visited her last Wednesday. I found her growing closish to a friends house, and close to the train station. I made rose petal honey, and I spent time listening to her. It feels that if I'm able to leave the chaos of my mind and emotions and listen on a much deeper lever, with my heart, then I can hear her speak to me. I can't even put into words what she said, but it was very profound to me. The heart knows and understand things that is far beyond the mind and words.

I want to update this blog more often, but I find it difficult to sit down and write something without feeling disappointed in what I'm writing. I suppose I want it to sounds better than it does, or I feel something deeply but when I put it into words it loses some of its beauty and value.

Oh well. Perhaps I'm just still sleepy. I think I might take a nap..
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On 5. juni 2009 kl. 12:20 , Dubious sa...

Thank you for continuing to share. I, too, am working to become a better listener.