Author: WhiteWitch
I woke up this morning with an internal lightness that surprised me. It made me feel so happy. It was as though a burden had been lifted from me and I didn't notice until that moment in the early morning, around 5am. I said good bye to my husband who was going to work. I felt calm, nice, serene instead of anxious and grumpy.

Right now I feel tired, and slightly jittery from an over consumption of brownies. I got my period this morning. I actually look forward to my period, especially the two first day when I feel particularly magical. I didn't go to the gnostic center I usually attend on Tuesday evening because I felt I needed to stay inside and nurture myself. I'm so lucky to be able to take it easy when I need to. I'm starting to allow myself to do it more as well. Though I still carry a feeling of always needing to be a good girl and do things. It's hard to lie down and do nothing.

I hope I can stop eating so much processed sugar. My head hurts. Instead I want to eat rose honey. Lots and lots of rose honey to open my heart to sweet pink love.

I've been working with both wild rose and mugwort. They are my closest plant allies right now. It feels like rose teaches me about self love and open volnurability. While mugwort teaches me about sensing, being intuitive and tapping into the magic that is already part of me. It's a silver, glittery, magical moon-herb.
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On 17. juni 2009 kl. 07:49 , Dubious sa...

I remember that feeling before my period, too. Such a relief. . .

And thank you for the mention of roses again---I've been noticing them with a kind of envy around town and in the country here, wanting to stop and pick a jar of petals to infuse, but I don't have the courage yet to ask whether I can, so I need to go looking for a place with roses that isn't on private property! We plan to grow roses here, but we haven't planted any just yet, and I'm wanting them NOW! :-)

On 17. juni 2009 kl. 08:49 , WhiteWitch sa...

Yes. Roses are amazing. I've seen them on private properties as well, but also never had the courage to ask if I could pick them. The roses I pick now are growing in a small park closeish to the train station. I was so lucky to come across them. They are very healing.