Author: WhiteWitch
I just took the longest, most lovely bath I've had in ages. I've been sick with the flu for a few days, but this evening I was feeling much better and decided to celebrate with a bath. I put some oats and rose petals in a cheesecloth and rubbed myself all over until I felt beautifully slimy. My skin is so soft right now.

I came out of that bath a different person. Lying in the tub I had quite a few realizations as water worked its healing effect on me and helped me relax and sink deeper into myself. I saw myself as a young child, and I remember how scared I was of being left alone, and of my parents abandoning me. I think that at some level I knew I would lose them, or at least, I knew that something horrible was going to happen. But I recognize the same fear in me still. I'm still afraid of being alone, of there being no one there that will make everything Ok. I'm so afraid that everything won't be Ok...

I'm once more reminded that I have to take care of myself and heal myself . It's not such a bad thing to be good to myself. I don't have to be strong. I don't have to be tough.
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2 kommentarer:

On 5. mai 2009 kl. 07:37 , Dubious sa...

I, too, am a believer in the healing bath and especially like the water as hot as I can get it. Thank you for writing about your feelings, and for taking good care of yourself.

On 13. mai 2009 kl. 20:02 , WhiteWitch sa...

Thank you for your comment. I always forget to check for comments, and then get surprised when I see any :) Thanks!