Author: WhiteWitch
I've been wanting to get up early, like just before sunrise, when everything feels quiet and magical, but instead I sleep until 9:30. It's not like I need that much sleep. I wake up much earlier than that, but I always decide to stay in bed. Maybe tomorrow will be different..

My cat jumped into bed with me in the early morning, she does that a lot, but normally she doesn't stay. This time however she lied down and purred happily, until my husband rolled around and nearly crushed her! Poor thing. She ran away after that.

I feel I need to find someone to talk to. I feel I'm bottling up too many thoughts and emotions, and it's very draining. It even makes me tremble sometimes when I'm around people. I want to talk about how I feel, but it never feels appropriate to do so, and I also don't know anyone I'd feel totally safe telling everything to. I should find someone professional I think, someone holistic. But who?
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2 kommentarer:

On 22. januar 2009 kl. 20:44 , Princess Haiku sa...

understand how you feel.

On 30. januar 2009 kl. 22:30 , WhiteWitch sa...

Thanks Princess :)

Do you mean I need to understand, or you understand?