Author: WhiteWitch
I went to the park today, around 8am. The weather was cool, and it felt like fall had finally come. I walked among the trees, touching some of them, feeling their strength seeping into me, as well as silent teachings about how to be strong, and humble.

When in nature I feel myself sinking back into myself. I feel like crying, and I feel comforted by the trees, the sky, and the earth. I feel magical, and it's like I'm beginning to reconnect with and old me, perhaps from a past life, when I was an old wise woman. I must have lived between green hills, somewhere windy, because I love the wind, and I must have worked with herbs.

I think I found mugwort in the park, but I'm not sure. It's strange. This plant had a special place in my heart the moment I heard its name.

I also picked some peppermint. Here's a picture of some fresh peppermint tea, though I must say it tastes stronger when dried.

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