Author: WhiteWitch
I spoke with a wonderful lady yesterday, about being in nature, and I explained how I could feel the energy of the trees and plants around me. I felt confused when she said she couldn't feel that. I'm wondering how many people can? Is it normal? I haven't met anyone who can, though I haven't told that many, and I've read about people speaking with plants. So I don't seem to be totally alone.

Again I'm wondering if I'm a "highly sensetive person". If I am, then maybe that would explain some things for me. Maybe it would help me understand why I react to things other people have no problem with. Help me understand the mystery that is me.
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On 24. desember 2008 kl. 08:37 , Pauline sa...

Being highly sensitive to the energy of nature is a wonderful thing. Encourage it all you can - we are an intrinsic part of nature and should honor that relationship. I am delighted that you count yourself a follower of my blog!

On 3. januar 2009 kl. 15:08 , Alyss sa...

Yes, you are highly sensitive :) I think of myself as more sensitive than some to some things, and as dull and dense as anyone on other things. I learned years ago that I can't watch or read things that everyone else can. For instance, the evening news makes me sick to my stomach. These days I can hardly watch any TV, the ads and stupidity of it all nauseates me.
I am much more in tune with animal voices than I am with plant voices, though I know they have voices. Squirrels and cats and birds talk to me, and I can hardly get dogs to shut up already :)
I think it is a wonderful gift to hear the voices of the other beings despite our modern culture. Treasure that gift, and use it. Know it is a gift, and tell others about it.
I look forward to reading more on your blog!

On 21. januar 2009 kl. 22:18 , WhiteWitch sa...

Thanks to the both of you for replying. Gosh, I didn't see your replies until now. I guess I figured no one was reading my blog :P